Creativity is what human brains do.

As part of our mission here at The Olive Street Agency we state, “WE BELIEVE: That greatness lies in all people and we want to help expose the creative ideas that they manifest.” This idea of ‘creative ideas’ and ‘all people’ having them, is exactly what is emphasized and illustrated in this amazing documentary, The Creative Brain, released on Netflix this month. Being able to harness your creativity is where you find your happiness, and it also may require you to be wrong of fail. Either way…it is to get off the pathway of least resistance and try something. A process for not only Creativity, but for Life. Please check this documentary out! And then come work with us and let us help expose those creative ideas here at The Olive Street Agency. 😉 Check our 26 takeaways from the Film. #SoGood

  • 26 Takeaways from The Creative Brain
    -Human Creativity adds the color to our world.
    -Creativity is a Desire and a Need.
    -True Creativity is about an existence and being and giving of yourself and being honest
    -Creativity is not just the Arts. It’s Much More than that. Science is inherently creative. You have to discover something new that others haven’t discovered yet.
    The Prefrontal Cortex is the wellspring of Human Imagination.
    -Creativity is that we have the power to imagine the world, that isn’t our world yet
    -A spark of Creativity is taking ideas from one place and applying them to another.
    -It’s always easier to be a critic than a creator.
    -Creativity isn’t about one region of the brain, it emerges from the interplay of millions of neurons mixing with different memories, thoughts, ideas, new and old. So every experience you have is raw material for your brain to create with.
    -Creativity isn’t always about creating something new. It is usually about refashioning something that already exists.
    -Allow the knowledge of predecessors or things that were done before to inform what you do now.
    -What we create is unique because our life experiences are unique
    -Part of the way to prevent people from being in prison is to harness their creativity.
    -Creativity can help you think differently about yourself and about other people.
    -Creativity allows people to see themselves and appreciate themselves
    -The creative minds in prison are extraordinary. They have something to offer from a perspective that very few of us understand
    -Prisoners who take part in Creativity Based Programs are up to 80% less likely to re-offend
    -The Creative part of your being is essential to your happiness. It’s what makes you feel whole.
    -Being Creative means fighting a fundamental quality of the Brain – taking the path of least resistance (what we’ve already done before). Creativity emerges when we get off this path of least resistance. to Dig Deeper. To TRY SOMETHING NEW. Like changing a career or learning a new skill.
    -To be creative and think outside the proverbial box, you have to be willing to be wrong. You also have to be willing to be right, and yet, have everyone think you’re wrong.
    -Creative Ideas have to existence in a balance of the Familiar and the New. Because if you do something that is too boring, the world is going to pass you by. And if you do something that’s too crazy, no one is going to follow you there.
    -Don’t be afraid of failure. Creativity and successes often rise out of the ashes of failure.
    -Given creativity’s importance, we should be taught to embrace it from the beginning in childhood.
    -Kids learn when they are engaged and when you focus on learning through the arts and the process of the creative experience, children can blossom in very unique and special ways.
    -The skills that are embedded in the artistic and creative experience can make children better people, more than any standardized test in math/literacy can ever do.
    -Creativity belongs to all of us. It is the most transformative tool that we have at our disposal.
    -We live in an explosion of creativity, and to succeed in the future, we need to cultivate creativity, to proliferate options, to get off the path of least resistance, to take risks — and in this way, we can take advantage of what it is to be Human.

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