Digital Marketing & Social Media


We Offer:

  • Content Creation
    Create relevant content via graphics, photos and video, that matches your vision which your customers can connect with to nurture community and influence retail/sales.
  • Digital Marketing Strategies
    Define your target customer and your brand differentiation. Devise a customer assessment and create a competitive analysis & timeline.
  • Digital PR/Blog Outreach
    Combine traditional PR with content marketing, social media and search: transforming static news into conversations and bypassing media to speak directly to your target audience online. | Outreach to applicable Blogs for exposure opportunities and brand representation. 
  • Social Media Initial Set Up
    Set up all needed and applicable Social Media accounts and provide Social Media Training/Consulting.
  • Social Media Daily/Weekly Engagement
    Manage all the details of your program from setup to scheduling, to daily posting.
  • Social Media Real-Time Response
    Respond in real-time to comments, to encourage dialog and build brand trust.

Our Work