Rita Forte 

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Rita Forte is the Founder of The Olive Street Agency LLC. Brand Manager and Strategist, Rita began her professional career in 2001 as a DJ/On-Air Personality. Growing her DJ career from 2001-2011 to a nationally recognized brand led her to help market, manage and and grow brands of both businesses & people. Throughout her professional career, the technology space has…

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    been the biggest medium where she has led her brand and others to grow.  As a DJ/On-Air personality (operating as DJ BackSide), Rita grew her DJ brand by radio (106.1 KMEL, 102.3 KJLH, Sirius Satellite), working with popular Bay Area and National artists, releasing over a dozen Mixtape Projects, launching an infectious clothing line (Got Bay?) and playing in Gigs nationwide as well as internationally to Taiwan and Germany.  These efforts lead Rita to working with both & Warner Bros. Records from 2006-2008 to produce online digital content to help widen their audiences in the music space. From 2009-2012, Rita managed operations, events and social media for It’s A Grind Coffeehouse in Oakland, Assisted with operations and marketing for CLP Screen Printing & Embroidery (2012-2014) & for the Piedmont East Bay Children’s Choir (2015-2017) in Oakland. Rita keeps close to her community and is also Co-Founder of Women’s All B-Ball. Rita has a B.A. in Psychology from Williams College and a cute lil dog named Butters.

Nita Simpson

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Nita Simpson is the Managing Director and COO of The Olive Street Agency LLC. Nita Simpson has 10 years of successful project management, marketing, and branding experience. Her success working with everyone from executives, musicians and small business owners is attributed to her uncanny ability to build teams, identify market trends, strategically plan, research and actualize a vision. Nita has used these talents to…

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    open and successfully manage a nationally distributed record label from 2003 to 2005, Rah Muzic. During this period she helped market and manage a movement in the music industry which brought national attention to the Bay Area, The Hyphy Movement. She has also been a select resource to executives for labels such as Arista, Bad Boy and Universal. Since 2007, Nita has lent her project management skills to an array of businesses that have ranged from startups to small businesses to Fortune 500 companies like Chevron. During her time at Chevron she successfully spearheaded and executed a renovation project. Nita’s undeniable skill set and talent has allowed her to break down barriers by creating a blueprint on how to successfully manage any project no matter what area of business or area life it falls into. In 2008, Nita put her blueprint to the test and branched out into Lifestyle management. She successfully began to manage the personal lives of high profile executives from companies like Sagetel International, Dropbox, and Chase to mention a few. Nita brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, creativity and couth to her craft. Nita has a B.A. in Business Management from Whittier College.

IN ADDITION: Collectively, we combine our above expertise by working with several AFFILIATES & PARTNERS with the vast experience and knowledge that is required to help monetize and grow brands into sustainable businesses. Everyone we involve in our business are trusted experts at social based promotions and experiential marketing.