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March 2016: DJ Khaled’s Major Keys to Success

This is Amazing! We’ve been keeping up with DJ Khaled on Snapchat, and love his inspring messages. “Stay away from ‘THEY'”, “Bless Up”, and of course his many Major Keys to success. So inspiring, that he has landed on the cover of Bloomberg. So great. Check out the cover article titled: How SnapChat Built a Business here.













“The vast majority of people reading this article will have a Snapchat account within 36 months. Even if, as they’re reading this, they don’t believe me.”

February 2016: 4 Women Entrepreneurs in a Time Lapse

An entertaining time lapse video of our Founder, Rita Forte, and fellow entrepreneur homegirls in the Bay Area. Lauren & Geraldine of Meet Geraldine and Amanda of The Food Education Project. Guaranteed 30 seconds that will make you smile.

December 2015: We booked Inspiration Awards w/ Kida The Great, Netta B & Far-I

The annual Oakland Digital Inspiration Awards are always a great event to end the year in Inspiration. This year’s Awards was on December 10th and honored these 3 Bay Area Inspirations! The Olive Street Agency was asked to book the entertainment for the event, and chose Kida The Great, Netta Brielle, and Far-I to perform at the show. Click on their links and check out these inspiring artists that we love!


January 2015: Quote-a-holic. Be one. Daily.

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Happy 2015!!!!

The founder of, Geraldine Convento, started a new website this year which is right up the inspiration alley. Forget those rip away daily calendars, and the daily horoscopes (well, ok, maybe don’t ditch your horoscope), but consider becoming a Quote-a-holic! That’s right, this is a good habit to pick up. Check out the site (, posted daily is an inspirational quote, and you can even sign up to get it in your email daily!


December 2014: “The World doesn’t need more mediocre product”

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Right now actually, at The Olive Street Agency, we are looking for 1 or more graphic designers to work and build with for client work, so here’s our lil tidbit of inspiration for this month. Hopefully we’ll speak into existence a designer for us! Finish the year strong folks and Happy Holidays!

“The world doesn’t need more mediocre product” says Mark Parker, President & CEO of Nike, at the Innovation By Design Conference. “It’s really about making sure you’re creating the future, not just re-hashing what exists. And that’s really what design is all about”