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“You Play for the Winning Team” by Tony Vic

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[Video] Inspirational and Motivational speaker, Tony Vic is a good colleague of The Olive Street Agency.  From Oakland, CA he does a weekly youtube video on his channel.  We love it! Remember, ‘you play for the winning team’.

Brain Pickings .org

Posted on: March 9, 2017 Discussion: No Comments No Tags is a longtime favorite of The Olive Street Agency.  Loaded with interesting and thoughtful articles and inspirational tidbits, this is a frequently updated website and blog.


What is your Why? – How Leaders Inspire Action

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Entrepreneurs–before you embark on your startup, your album, your cafe, your whatever, you should watch this video, and ask yourself, “What is your Why?”.  This has to be one of the best TED Talks out there.  Why do you do what you do? Why is Apple the most innovative year after year? Why did Martin Luther King lead the civil rights leader and not someone else?

Our Manifesto

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ManifestoOk, well this is not exactly ‘our’ manifesto, it is actually one by the Holstee company.  But we have adopted it for sure, it is up in our Olive Street Agency meeting space! This is our first post, and encompasses many things we believe in, so definitely a share.  Try adapting some of this into your Life. It is a great way to LIVE

4 Women Entrepreneurs in a Time Lapse

An entertaining time lapse video of our Founder, Rita Forte, and fellow entrepreneur homegirls in the Bay Area. Lauren & Geraldine of Meet Geraldine and Amanda of The Food Education Project. Guaranteed 30 seconds that will make you smile.