You Have Greatness Within You

As a Black-Owned Marketing Agency, The Olive Street Agency will always appreciate honoring great, successful and influential Black Inspirational People, Black Founders, Black Owned Businesses. It is from an amazing lineage and history that Black People in the United States have been able to occupy and become all 3 of these things since their arrival to this Country. With that, let’s give Les Brown his flowers while he is still here, although his messages of ‘You Have Greatness Within You’ will live far beyond him. Inspirational Teacher and Speaker, his message has reached millions with his work since the early 1980’s. Books, Workshops and more can be found online, and he also offers a #MotivationalMonday Conference Call EVERY MONDAY you can call into and receive inspiration (info here). You can Youtube more of course, but here is a great discussion and interview with Inspirational Podcast, Lewis Howes, The School of Greatness. A great meeting here. Happy Black History Month!

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